Etix Brno Special Adhesive Labels

Etix, Ltd. was established in 2002 and it has followed with 10-years experience of IngMar company.

Labels – Self-adhesive, Thermo Labels, Promotion and Gift Labels

Besides standard self-adhesive labels on rolls of white TTR and thermo labels and rolls of up to 9-colour configuration with options for printing into the glue, lamination and additional printing  of both hot and cold stamping, we focus on sandwich labels and booklet labels  production together with special self-adhesive labels intended for advertising and sales support (promotion labels), which can be completed by variable database codes, numbering or scratch-off and thermo sensitive filed.

Gift labels

So called gift labels are a special product of promotion labels They are sandwitch labels, in which there are inlayed tatoo decals, megnets, egg decals, a sheet of stickers, etc.

Endless Bands

We also produce carda in endles bands in form of rack tapes, admission tickets, ski-passes, or tags. We can complete all produced  labels and endless bands by numbering, scratch-off filed, thermo-sensitive ink, lamination, partial relief varnich, hot and cold stamping, or additional of original hologram.


We also offer our clients supply of  lefalets with minimal folding of 20mm.

Thanks to special variable additonal devices to our machines we are able to develop a completely non-standard label of client's wish.

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